1. Features

Delegate Action Items and Activity Log

The action's assignee can delegate actions to someone in his/her team as a secondary action owner. Once the secondary owner completes the action it again returns back to the primary owner for final closure where the final closure of the action can only be performed by the primary owner only.  


How to delegate action items to other users?

From the action page, select the action item, and click on more options on the quick view. click on delegate action 


Start typing the secondary action assignee name or email and click on delegate.


How to access the activity log?

You can view the activity log on the right side of the meeting room. The activity log shows all of the actions that have been taken with the action items that were assigned. Whether the action has been delegated to another member, in progress, or completed these will all be presented on the activity log.

On the action's quick view you can view the discussion and activity log.