1. Getting Started
  2. Introduction to adam.ai

Meetplace settings and permissions

Manageable and customizable!

From Settings page, you can edit your meetplace, account, members, notifications, and apps settings. 

Meetplace Settings

As a meetplace owner, you can:

  • Edit meetplace name and URL, upload photo, or delete meetplace.
  • Customize your meetplace by adding your brand's primary and secondary colors (available only on the Pro subscription plan).

Deleting a meetplace can not be undone. All projects, meetings, actions, and files will be irredeemable. Please contact us if you wish to export all your meetplace data before deleting it permanently from our system.

Account Settings

From account settings, you can edit your account personal information like name, job title, department, and email; choose when the week starts and time zone; and change your password. 

adam.ai is available in many languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Arabic (available on Enterprise plan)

You can also deactivate your account from account settings, where your account cannot be deleted, but you can deactivate it anytime.

Deactivating your account means losing access to your meetplace, projects, meetings, files, etc. If permitted, delete the content you'd like to remove before deactivating your account.


You can reactivate your account by contacting the admin or owner of the meetplace. If you are a meetplace owner, you will need to transfer your meetplace ownership first to another active member before deactivating your account.

Users Settings

As meetplace owner or admin, you can:

  • Invite your teammates as users to join the meetplace.
  • Search and view all your meetplace users by status (active, pending, or deactivated) and sort users by date added.
  • Transfer meetplace ownership to another user and deactivate or promote any user as admin.
  • Export meetplace user's info as CSV file.

Notifications Settings

Notifications help you stay up-to-date on all your projects and meeting updates and invitations from adam.ai. Adjust when you want to receive email or web notifications from the "Settings" page, "Notifications" tab.

Apps Settings

This is where you can search and manage all integrations with adam.ai and directly connect/disconnect any app you like.

For more help on integrations click here.