How to Join a Meeting on

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How to Join Meetings as an User

How to Join Meetings Using a Link

How Guests Can Join Your Meeting

How to Join Meetings as an User

  1. When you're invited to a meeting, you receive the meeting invitation through email. To access the meeting, you should log into your account. 

    Access Meeting - user-min

  2. Once you log in, you'll find the scheduled meeting card on the “Meetings” page. Click "Join call" on the meeting card to join the meeting.

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How to Join Meetings Using a Link

  1. After receiving the link, click “Request Access” to inform the meeting organizer they want to join the meeting.
  2. The meeting organizer will receive an email with an “Accept Invitation” link for approval.
  3. Alternatively, a notification will appear as a red dot on the “Invite” button on the top right in a meeting room to show the pending access requests.
  4. The meeting owner should click “Review” to view all requests to join the meeting and choose “Deny entry” or “Approve” for each request.

How Guests* Can Join Your Meeting

  1. When you invite a guest, they'll receive a meeting invitation through email.
  2. To access the meeting, they should click on the “Join meeting” link in the email invitation, which prompts them to fill in their first and last name and email.


  3. They'll have access to the meeting room and contribute to the meeting according to their permissions as a guest. 

*Guests are people who do not have an account.

Tip: The account owner or admin can choose whether a guest can access a meeting with or without an access code.