1. Features

Meetplace System Viewer

By default, meetplace owners, admins, and members can only view projects and meetings they are invited to. We have added more advanced permissions where you can now set a member or more as a viewer to all projects and meetings taking place across the meetplace without the need to invite them to each meeting.

Note: This feature is available on the Pro plan.

How to set a member as a viewer?

Head to your users settings, select the member and choose 'Set as a viewer' from the more options icon.

After that, you'll be requested to confirm this step, click 'Confirm'.


From the users page, you'll find the 'View' icon next to all the members who are set as viewers to projects and meetings in the meetplace.

How to remove a member as a viewer?

If you'd like to remove the viewer option from any member, you can do that from users settings, select the 'Remove Viewer' from the more options icon. 

Note: Only a meetplace owner can add or remove members as viewers in the meetplace.

You'll then be asked to confirm, after clicking "Confirm" this member won't have access to neither projects nor meetings in the meetplace.