View your meetplace dashboard

From the Meetplace page, with just a look you will see an overview of what's happening across your meetplace as your upcoming meetings, due actions, and pending decisions.

Note: This feature is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans.



Select your project to have a quick view of its insights as:

  • All scheduled and finished meetings.
  • All active, completed, and overdue actions.
  • All in vote agreed and disagreed decisions.


You'll also find all your weekly updates in details as 

  • See all current running and upcoming meetings, where you can directly click on the meeting link to view the meeting room, or the video conferencing tool like Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Cisco Webex to join the video call.
  • View all pending minutes approval where you can directly agree or disagree on minutes.
  • Directly set minutes as approved (if you are the meeting coordinator).


How to mark actions completed?

From your actions section, you can mark any action as completed, as well as see what actions are overdue.