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How to Connect Your Calendar to Your Account and Sync Meetings

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How to Connect Your Calendar

How to Remove a Calendar

How to Connect Your Calendar

  1. Click on the gear icon on the side menu on the left to access "Settings." Then, navigate to the "Calendar" tab on the top.

    Calendar not Connected

  2. Click “Connect your calendar.” Choose either your Google/Gmail or Office 365 account to connect.

    Calendar - Connect calendar

  3. Choose the calendar(s) you want to connect.

    Calendar - Choose & Connect Calendar Modal

  4. Click “Accept and Connect.” Your calendar is now connected and your meetings are synced.

Note: Your calendar must be tied to the same email address you used to create your adam.ai account.

How to Remove a Calendar

  1. To remove a calendar, uncheck the box next to it.

    Calendar - Deleted Calendar Errors

  2. Choose either to “remove that calendar and all its meetings from adam.ai” or “remove the calendar and keep all its meetings in adam.ai” according to your preference.

    Calendar - remove calendar 2

  3. Click “Remove calendar and save changes.”

    Calendar - remove calendar